Gefriertrocknung Greven GmbH

Am Eggenkamp 8-10
48268 Greven

T. +49 2571 507-0
F. +49 2571 507-51

Welcome to Gefriertrocknung Greven!

Since more than 10 years we have been working on behalf of our customers, to refine raw materials using the technique of freeze-drying. Whether directly from the tree or already cooked, just cut or complicatedly processed  , the dry ingredients that we produce for our clients have all one thing in common: they have to meet the high quality requirements of their end-users.


We are now able to produce temperatures of up to -50 ° C! Usual are only -35 ° C! This enables us to store and to dry very sensitive products.

With the re-launch of our new website, we have tried to make all production steps of our freeze-drying facility easy and understandable thanks to so called tutorials. 

Contract work

You want to freeze-dry your own product, clean or pack it? Then our production site in Greven and all the expertise and technologies of Gefriertrocknung Greven are at your disposal in the form of contract work.  We will guide and support you through the whole development process. Contact